How we help people

The most often asked question when it comes to employment law is  “When should I call an attorney?”

The answer is, now.

Right now.

If you’re a guest on our Web site you’re probably not here because you’re bored with Facebook or couldn’t find a good book to read. You’re here because there is some facet of your current work environment that has you concerned or even scared.

The right time to call an attorney is as soon as you experience these feelings because we can help. Contacting an attorney doesn’t mean you’re filing a law suit or taking any immediate action.

It means you’re educating yourself to the possibilities. Are you being sexually or racially harassed? Are you being discriminated against based on gender or age? Or is it maybe just time to find a working environment that better suits you.

We can help provide that education.

There are a lot of misunderstandings as to what constitutes a hostile work environment and/or harassment and The Cortese Law firm will work with you to clear that up so you can plan your next steps with confidence.

Did we mention this education comes at no expense? Our first initial consultation is free; before taking any legal action we make sure there is something act upon.

Get your questions answered now.

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