How we help businesses

When it comes to starting your own business there can be so many decisions to make that some of the more important ones get lost.

In the process of finding a name and location for your new business, hiring staff, ordering product, remodeling,
creating signage, 
making sure your phones work, getting your advertising in place
or any of the other myriad of tasks faced by new business owners, it’s no surprise they might over look things like;

  • Is there an employee handbook?
  • Have the hiring and termination processes been documented?
  • Are there any other policies or protocols that need to be put in writing?
  • Will your employees have to sign a non-compete clause and if so, what will that look like?
  • Are your health care and other benefit options spelled out somewhere concisely?

While these items may not be as exciting as creating the new company logo or looking at the new building designs they are infinitely as important.

Let us show you how important and easy it can be to get ahead when it comes to these challenges.

Partners Forever?

When two friends or two business owners find the right synergy to create one company it can be thrilling.

Until it’s not any more.

We’re the last ones that would ever want to rain on a parade, but let’s face it. Have you seen the divorce rates lately? The success rates of many business partnerships can be even lower.

Be smart. Think long term. Work as though your partnership will never end, but in the best interest of all parties, prepare in case it doesn’t.

The end of any partnership can be challenging but with your affairs in order first, it can be a much simpler and often less painful process.

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