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How we help businesses

When it comes to starting your own business there can be so many decisions to make that some of the more important ones get lost. In the process of finding a name and location for your new business, hiring staff, ordering product, remodeling, creating signage, making sure your phones work, getting your advertising in place or any of the other myriad of tasks faced by new business owners, it’s no surprise they might over look things like;

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How we help people

The most often asked question when it comes to employment law is  “When should I call an attorney?”

The answer is, now.

Right now.

If you’re a guest on our Web site you’re probably not here because you’re bored with Facebook or couldn’t find a good book to read. You’re here because there is some facet of your current work

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Meet Nanette Cortese

Nanette L. Cortese, Esq. is the principal member of The Cortese Law Firm, PLC.

Ms. Cortese received her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan with a double major in political science and history. Ms. Cortese graduated from law school at the University of Detroit School of Law.

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